Its actually a horrible one.

But what it does is beautifully capture my journey. It was about a year ago that I decided I wanted to become a public speaker. The idea seemed to manifest itself out of nowhere. Maybe it was because there was a time in my life when I drew a lot of strength from motivational speeches, words of inspiration, and philosophy.

Wherever the idea came from it did not leave, it stayed and lingered, and drove me to search for answers. This was when I decided to email a professional public speaker, who is also a CEO. He answered my call for help, my questioning for answers, and agreed to have a phone call with me. We talked for 90 minutes, he agreed to mentor me, and said the first step in my journey was to join toastmasters.

My first day in toastmasters I waltzed in and was asked by the club President “why are you in toastmasters” I declared I wanted to become a professional speaker! “You’ve come to the right place” I was told.

To know simply what you want to do and then work towards it is an amazing thing. You find that decisions become easy, struggles insignificant, and barriers non-existent. . People will gravitate to a man or woman on a journey towards their purpose. They will want to help, because they themselves are inspired by that energy, that drive.

I have realized that there are many people that have aided me along my way, and there will be many more if I stay true to my desire. But to all those that have guided me so far… I thank you!

This picture is a recent depiction of me standing in front of about 100 people, in an impromptu speech contest. But the beauty here is that there is no longer any fear of what others think of me, no doubting if my words hold value, and nothing holding me back from being my authentic self. It is complete self love, self confidence, and clear purpose, made real.

Fear is just a combination of self doubt, lack of self love, and the consideration of others opinions. Love yourself, forget the opinions of others, and believe that your words have value!