Have you ever noticed that some of the smartest people you know are not the most successful? Why is that?

I noticed this a while back while I was in university. There were professors with high levels of education, who were highly intelligent, yet their intelligence did not seem to translate into success. Upon going and speaking with these men and women I had a realization. Although they had gained so much intelligence in their selected discipline, they had never mastered the art of communication and were thus not able to fully translate their knowledge to others.

In today’s world, communication plays one of the biggest roles in success of an individual. You simply must be able to transfer what is in your mind, to the sound projected from your mouth, effectively and efficiently.

This is why public speaking is so important. By learning how to convey a message to your listener which contains elegant structure, great content, body language, and vocal variety, the listener becomes much more engaged with what you are saying.  This will change the way they perceive and your level of charisma, which in turn will make them like and appreciate you more.

Public speaking impacts your day to day interactions, with anyone and everyone you come in contact with. As you channel more and more energy into it you’ll find that your social interaction will become increasingly enjoyable for both you and your listener.

Begin to learn and analyse how to speak, and it will reward you in all areas of life!