In the early 1900’s there lived a pharmacist named Émile Coué.

When Émile Coué distributed medicine to sick patients he would sometimes praise the medicine’s effectiveness, and other times say nothing. What’s really interesting, is he noticed that the patients who took the medicine which he praised had a higher rate of recovery. This lead him to develop what he believed to be a technique that was able to cure ailments.

Do you know what auto suggestion is?

Auto suggestion is a technique that states you can change the way you feel by self-induced suggestion. Now Émile Coué stated that his patients could cure their ailments by uttering the phrase “Every day in every way I am getting better and better”

Give it a try, feels pretty good doesn’t it? Now although this has been proven not to cure serious ailments, something fascinating did happen to the people who used it. They started feeling better mentally and emotionally, they were more positive and motivated, and they began looking for ways to improve themselves.

This phrase is what is known as an affirmation.

To affirm something means to declare it as true. So when you make an affirmation to yourself it is usually a sentence or phrase you repeat daily with the intention of belief. One type of affirmations is a statement of intent “Every day in every way I am getting better and better”. Through these statements we express our desire of how we want our life to be.

Affirmations work because of a powerful thing in our brain called the RAS (reticular activation system); an information filtration system. You see without RAS we would be bombarded by so much information we wouldn’t even be able to leave our rooms, our brains would be overwhelmed!

Here is an example of your RAS, say you and your friend are at the stampede, you’re looking for deep-fried Oreos, while your friend is interested in finding a cute cowgirl. As you make your way through the grounds, you’ll be noticing all the food stands while oblivious to the girls, and your friend will be noticing all the girls while oblivious to the food stands.

So why does this relate to affirmations?

When you start using affirmations two things happen. The first is that it sends a powerful message to your RAS. Your RAS is now told that what you affirm is important and it will work to bring you what you desire. It brings you your desire by making you aware of information in your day to day life that relates to your affirmation statement. The second thing that happens is the generating of positive emotions out of nothing, this is because you are thinking or speaking a positive thought!

Affirmations should be positive and simple.


“I feel happy and confident today”

“I am ready to push past a boundary’s today”

“I am a great student!”

The second powerful thing that affirmations can do is to make you believe in a certain characteristic about yourself. Perhaps you have issues with your self-image and want to improve your self-love. You could affirm to yourself:

“I am beautiful and confident”

As you think, so shall you embody! The qualities that you affirm in yourself, you will begin to believe and eventually mentally embody that very quality.

These affirmations will help to motivate you, increase confidence, and get you passionate about pursuing your goals and desires.  As well you will be more conscious during the day to seeing opportunities that relate to your affirmation!