Change your mind, change your life!

There we sat, my friend and I, or should I say soaked in the hot tub. Our bodies relaxed as the warm water loosened the muscles, leaving us in a state of tranquility. The mind however did not reflect the body but mirrored the opposite as it was submerged in deep thought.

Somehow the relaxing hot tub and company of a philosophy major had led us to talking about the power of our thoughts.

I admitted to him that my recently found confidence and happiness was not primarily a product of the newly acquired skill of public speaking, nor could I attribute it to the other successes I had gained. I explained to him something I wish I knew long ago.

The knowledge I wish I had known was that we are outward reflections of our innermost thoughts, that the very environment around us is shaped and molded by the way we take in and process information. A positive thought process leads to a positive and bountiful life.

When I reflect on my current thought process now, I think how simple it is, and how anyone can change their beliefs and self-image by changing the scripts that they run. A script is a line that you say or think, which can be along the lines of “I am so nervous to give this speech”, or “I don’t have a lot of confidence”. These are examples of negative scripts, and the reality is that this is the kinds of junk that pollutes the minds of many individuals! What is the effect of these negative scripts?

The effect of a negative script is exactly as you might think…..Negative. The fundamental principle is that negative thoughts and scripts have negative effects. If you constantly think or speak the line “I am not nearly as beautiful as that person”. Then the reaction is lower confidence, and a lower sense of value.

What if we flipped the script so to speak, what if you pumped yourself full of the opposite types of thoughts?

“I am so beautiful”, “I love the way I look”, “ People think I look great”.

What is the consequence of these types of thoughts? Positive thoughts have positive reactions! Confidence, higher self-value, self-love, greater happiness,  these are the results of a positive script.

The power of our thoughts attribute to our confidence and happiness. If you consistently tell yourself “anything is possible, I can do anything”, Regardless of the truth of the statement, you will begin to believe it and this positive script will allow you to fully pursue you dreams and your desires.

New Year, New You!

Start to focus on your thought process, believe you are beautiful, believe you are confident, believe anything is possible, and watch how your environment and perception of the world change. As your thoughts change, you change because you begin to embody those very thoughts.

You are the outward reflection of your innermost thoughts!