Here is a list of some of my current standards and values. These are a reflection of my higher self (ie. my best self). By reading them every day I remind myself of the man I desire to be. The standards and values outlined here are created to maximize my overall happiness. You may share some values but we are all different and therefor will have a different ideal of our ideal self.

We must visualize (meditate) on our higher self daily so that we can begin to bring it into fruition. We must also read the standards and values of that ideal self so that we can embody them on a daily basis. When life challenges us we can rock steady only when we are confident of who we are and where we are going.


  1. I will always surround myself with positive people who coincide with my goals and values. I will evaluate my friends every six months because I know I am the average of them.
  2. I will place a positive vibe around every area and aspect of my life.
  3. I will always believe in myself and this belief and confidence will propel me forward
  4. I will never lie, because this can infringe upon my happiness
  5. I will never cheat, in relationships because this would dictate lying, and in work because this would bread laziness
  6. I will not be consumed by anger but instead work to understand my fellow man, and through that find compassion and love
  7. I will always respect my body, and give it the best food and exercise I can
  8. I will always respect my mind, and supply it with quality information and quality people
  9. I will project love and kindness to all my fellow men, and help anyone who needs it
  10. My work will always reflect my values, and I will put my full attention and quality into all I produce.
  11. I will always surround myself with an organized clean environment, as long as I can control that environment. This applies to where I live, work, vehicle, the clothing I wear.
  12. I will also keep my schedule organized. This means knowing my day/week/month/year. This will keep me present to the moment and accomplishing the things I want.
  13. I do not care what others think of me, nor try to convince them to think differently. We are all entitled to our own beliefs.
  14. I will only try to control myself and my world. I will not seek to control or manipulate others around me.