As I mentioned in a past post. A mission statement can act as a massive element of motivation, drive and purpose in your life. If you create a powerful one it will shed light on who you are as an individual and where you desire to take your life.

I wanted to share the first mission statement I ever wrote. It was in 2015 when I was a student in my 4th year of university. At this specific time I was heavily into personal development!

The mindset of constantly wanting to improve and looking inwardly on myself to best the best version I could be is depicted in my Mission statement.


“To be a rock foundation for everyone else around me. Always willing and able to lend a helping hand. To meet each day with positivity, and optimism. To work to improve myself and get better with every passing day. To maximize my life to the fullest I can. To always put my happiness first.”


I would read this every morning when I woke up. It helped me remember who I am and what I am seeking in the world. My strength would come from knowing that I must be a rock foundation for everyone else around me. This meant to be able to endure the hardships and struggles of life. The world is often challenging but if we can have someone forging ahead despite the setback and losses then they can bring strength to us on our journey. I wanted to be that man.

“Always will and able to lend a helping hand” Life is chaotic and there is so much going on that often times we can forget the one around us. We can forget that they may be burden with struggle, stress and emotion. When I reminded myself that I must always be willing to lend a helping hand it made me more conscious of it in my day to day. So even if the chaos set in, I would not forget the ones around me.

“Meet each day with positivity and optimism” When we are positive and optimistic, we are more open to opportunities. Or mind becomes closed when we experience negative emotions this is because our body goes into survival mode, narrowing our scope. On top of that we negatively effect the people in our life when we feel and express negative emotions. If I am going to be an inspiration to others, I must be optimistic and positive.

“Work to improve myself and get better with every passing day” This is a big one. At this specific time in my life personal development had giving me so much. It had pulled my into a age of awakening and realizing how much you can achieve when you work to improve yourself. But to be reminded of that desire to improve daily gave me the strength and motivation to actively seek it out. For example I could be to tired for morning cardio, but If I remind myself of my value to constantly be improving then I have much more motivation to go for the run.

“To maximize my life to the fullest I can”

Life is short, time is fleeting. We can get caught up in quick satisfaction like t.v, or drinking and forget what really matters and what is important in our life. I put this into my mission to remember that I must maximize my day and life.

“To always put my happiness first”

This was important to me because I knew that If I am going to positively effect the world around me and the people in it, I must put my happiness first. You cannot be a good friend, family member, parent if you come from a place of pain, anguish or negative emotions. You’re life is yours to live. Happiness is your right!

Reading and reminding me of these few sentences in the morning became a massive source of motivation and grounded me in who I was and where I am going. In present day my mission statement has changed. It now embodies other values that I hold in an even higher regard.

When you create your mission statement. Make it personal! make it embody your higher self!

Use it to paint a picture of the present and the future.