Public speaking champion, Pure mathematician, Personal development coach.

There I stood, tall, shoulders back, head held high, smiling. I was gazing off into a crowd of 400 people and they were all gazing back at me. The room was silent; I held their attention, took a breath and began to speak. I felt alive, at home, and confident.

The funny thing is I hadn’t always felt confident to be the center of attention. I haven’t always felt that my words have meaning.

The truth is that no one does, this is a skill we must learn!

Over a year ago I made the deliberate decision that I would improve this quality in myself. I had a goal, a chief aim, and I let it fuel me past all fear and all boundaries.

The results were beyond my wildest dreams.

I won contest after contest, I was given opportunities to speak, and most of all I found a new sense of confidence. Success in speaking and communication delivered me to success in life.

This success I attribute to my analytical approach and learning techniques. My wish is to share these approaches and techniques, to make your public speaking experience empowering.


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