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Hello! Welcome to the Blog! — January 12, 2017
Code — August 27, 2017


Here is a list of some of my current standards and values. These are a reflection of my higher self (ie. my best self). By reading them every day I remind myself of the man I desire to be. The standards and values outlined here are created to maximize my overall happiness. You may share some values but we are all different and therefor will have a different ideal of our ideal self.

We must visualize (meditate) on our higher self daily so that we can begin to bring it into fruition. We must also read the standards and values of that ideal self so that we can embody them on a daily basis. When life challenges us we can rock steady only when we are confident of who we are and where we are going.


  1. I will always surround myself with positive people who coincide with my goals and values. I will evaluate my friends every six months because I know I am the average of them.
  2. I will place a positive vibe around every area and aspect of my life.
  3. I will always believe in myself and this belief and confidence will propel me forward
  4. I will never lie, because this can infringe upon my happiness
  5. I will never cheat, in relationships because this would dictate lying, and in work because this would bread laziness
  6. I will not be consumed by anger but instead work to understand my fellow man, and through that find compassion and love
  7. I will always respect my body, and give it the best food and exercise I can
  8. I will always respect my mind, and supply it with quality information and quality people
  9. I will project love and kindness to all my fellow men, and help anyone who needs it
  10. My work will always reflect my values, and I will put my full attention and quality into all I produce.
  11. I will always surround myself with an organized clean environment, as long as I can control that environment. This applies to where I live, work, vehicle, the clothing I wear.
  12. I will also keep my schedule organized. This means knowing my day/week/month/year. This will keep me present to the moment and accomplishing the things I want.
  13. I do not care what others think of me, nor try to convince them to think differently. We are all entitled to our own beliefs.
  14. I will only try to control myself and my world. I will not seek to control or manipulate others around me.
Mission statement- 2015 —

Mission statement- 2015

As I mentioned in a past post. A mission statement can act as a massive element of motivation, drive and purpose in your life. If you create a powerful one it will shed light on who you are as an individual and where you desire to take your life.

I wanted to share the first mission statement I ever wrote. It was in 2015 when I was a student in my 4th year of university. At this specific time I was heavily into personal development!

The mindset of constantly wanting to improve and looking inwardly on myself to best the best version I could be is depicted in my Mission statement.


“To be a rock foundation for everyone else around me. Always willing and able to lend a helping hand. To meet each day with positivity, and optimism. To work to improve myself and get better with every passing day. To maximize my life to the fullest I can. To always put my happiness first.”


I would read this every morning when I woke up. It helped me remember who I am and what I am seeking in the world. My strength would come from knowing that I must be a rock foundation for everyone else around me. This meant to be able to endure the hardships and struggles of life. The world is often challenging but if we can have someone forging ahead despite the setback and losses then they can bring strength to us on our journey. I wanted to be that man.

“Always will and able to lend a helping hand” Life is chaotic and there is so much going on that often times we can forget the one around us. We can forget that they may be burden with struggle, stress and emotion. When I reminded myself that I must always be willing to lend a helping hand it made me more conscious of it in my day to day. So even if the chaos set in, I would not forget the ones around me.

“Meet each day with positivity and optimism” When we are positive and optimistic, we are more open to opportunities. Or mind becomes closed when we experience negative emotions this is because our body goes into survival mode, narrowing our scope. On top of that we negatively effect the people in our life when we feel and express negative emotions. If I am going to be an inspiration to others, I must be optimistic and positive.

“Work to improve myself and get better with every passing day” This is a big one. At this specific time in my life personal development had giving me so much. It had pulled my into a age of awakening and realizing how much you can achieve when you work to improve yourself. But to be reminded of that desire to improve daily gave me the strength and motivation to actively seek it out. For example I could be to tired for morning cardio, but If I remind myself of my value to constantly be improving then I have much more motivation to go for the run.

“To maximize my life to the fullest I can”

Life is short, time is fleeting. We can get caught up in quick satisfaction like t.v, or drinking and forget what really matters and what is important in our life. I put this into my mission to remember that I must maximize my day and life.

“To always put my happiness first”

This was important to me because I knew that If I am going to positively effect the world around me and the people in it, I must put my happiness first. You cannot be a good friend, family member, parent if you come from a place of pain, anguish or negative emotions. You’re life is yours to live. Happiness is your right!

Reading and reminding me of these few sentences in the morning became a massive source of motivation and grounded me in who I was and where I am going. In present day my mission statement has changed. It now embodies other values that I hold in an even higher regard.

When you create your mission statement. Make it personal! make it embody your higher self!

Use it to paint a picture of the present and the future.





I sat there exhausted and tired. Bags under my bloodshot eyes, hand clutching a pen with a single piece of paper in front of me. It was the morning of December 30th 3am, I had been sitting at my desk for 4 hours. Despite being tired and exhausted, I was both gripped and fueled by excitement. It was an excitement for the future, coupled with ambition for tomorrow and a drive to accomplish.

It was at 3 am that morning that I finally completed my list of goals and resolutions, which would become a road map for the New Year.

I’m sure many of you already have an idea in your mind, a statement or witty retaliation, to the inevitable question “what is your New Years resolution?”. For myself 2016 was a year of tremendous life change, as many of you bared witness to. One of the factors I attribute to this change was the linking of my resolutions to my goals. By doing this you can create changes that last, achieve your goals, and flourish in daily happiness.

Firstly, what defines a goal, and what defines a resolution?

A goal pertains to a specific achievement, for example “I want to get a degree” , “I want to do a triathlon” these are goals. Whereas a permanent change you want to implement in your life is a resolution. A resolution is something you do every day without a specific achievement to be reached, for example “I want to be more healthy”, or “I want to be more decisive”.

The downfalls of each…….

Goals are great motivators, and you’re able to make a concrete end point that you can race towards with as much vigor as you can muster.

However the downside of goals is that you put a lot of happiness on the achievement of the goal. For instance “I want to lose 10lbs” you may or may not reach that goal, but your journey towards achievement is less enjoyable (yes it is possible to enjoy losing weight!). This is because you have set your satisfaction and happiness on the achievement of the goal not on the process that you undertake towards achieving the goal.

Once the goal is achieved you experience happiness. But what is in place that will allow you to maintain that weight loss? Even worse if you are not able to achieve the goal you will feel a certain sense of disappointment and unhappiness.

Resolutions- These are great because they get us more process oriented, which has the effect of creating daily happiness as we work at improving ourselves.

The downfall of resolutions is that they don’t foster the same drive in us as goals do. For example the resolution “I want to be more musical”, perhaps you initially thought of learning a new instrument, but after a few months or weeks you settle for listening to a few new bands on Spotify.

We have no end point or finish line to race towards. With no finish line, we have no sense of completion.

Now that you know the difference between goals and resolutions, how do you go about linking the two?

Last year when I created my goals and linked them with resolutions I found that I had increased daily happiness because I was process oriented towards resolutions, which allowed for long lasting change. The goals then allowed me to have the satisfaction of completion as well as an increased drive and direction.

Here is an example of a goal linked to a resolution.

Goal: I want to lose 25lbs

Resolution: I will no longer eat process foods, I will cut out alcohol, I will exercise daily, I will eat all natural food

They are both linked together. The goal gives you a sense of completion as well as an increased drive to get to the finish line. The resolutions will create a sense of enjoyment towards the process of eating better and exercising more, and will help to create long lasting changes and habits.

Your challenge for 2017 is to combine goals with resolutions. You’ll be surprised how much further this will take you on your journey to create the year you want.

Best of luck and Happy New Years from CB Connections!!

Mission Statement — March 10, 2017

Mission Statement

Has a book ever changed you?

For me, it was on August 1st, 2016. I had just finished reading Ayn Rands “The Fountainhead”. I had never before been so infatuated with a piece of literature. I was hooked, glued to the book. Day in and day out I would read, I could not eat and I could not sleep. When I finally set it down, when it was all said and done, I picked it up and read it again!

Have you ever experienced a book like this?

The Fountainhead is about Howard Roark, an architect who is kicked out of Architecture University at a young age (what a rebel!). They expelled him because he desired to construct a building in his own way and no one else’s. The book follows the architect as he progresses through life, striving to actualize his mission and build “his way”. It does a great job to depict a classic struggle between the individual and society.

In a certain way, I found myself amazed and enthralled with the main character. To me, he took on the persona of a leader or a heroic knight on a mission. Throughout the book Howard Roark never swayed off his course, his motivation and passion never wavered. This was because he had something that some of the most remarkable leaders that ever graced the face of the earth possess. He had……a mission for his life!

Why do so few of us have a clear mission or direction for our lives?

Why is it that we wake up unsure of our reason for being on earth and what it is we are supposed to do?

I am a firm believer that these questions and this lack of motivation can be eliminated. It is eliminated when we discover the power of having a personal mission statement.To have a personal mission statement means having a few lines that govern the purpose of your life and why you are on this earth; it has no fixed end point.

This is important and beneficial because a mission statement gives direction for your life, where you are going, who you want to become/ embody, what is important in your life. When you create one and read it every day (in the morning) it gives you daily motivation and keeps you true to the course you set. With a concrete direction, we gain clarity and consciousness towards how we act around other individuals, answer questions and make decisions. We begin to embody a primal characteristic of a leader. This is the characteristic of having a set destination and vision for our life.

How can a person lead if they do not know where they are going?

When troubles arise in your life; drama, moments of pain or anguish, you are able to gain a 3rd person perspective on what is really important (which is your mission) this allows you to rise above the BS and petty turbulence that would otherwise bring a lesser being to their knees. These moments of turbulence could resemble financial setbacks, loss of friends or family, injuries or anything in between. What will consistently pull you out of that state of confusion and misdirection will be your mission statement, your reason for being on this earth.

How to create it?

Create four boxes on a sheet of paper. Label them “want”, “good”, “like”, “should”. In the Want box write a few things you want to do, Good- things your good at, Like – things you like to do, Should – things you should do. Then look and see if there are any items in the boxes that link to other items.

Your mission should be something you enjoy, that you’re passionate about, that calls upon your natural capabilities and should call upon a greater meaning (something you should do for a greater good).

*take a few minutes to try an example mission statement

Now, this is just to get your ideas flowing. Over the next few days and weeks you should cultivate and think about a powerful mission statement for your life. This will have an immense impact on your confidence, motivation, and drive. But keep in mind it can change as you change your life.

Things to keep in mind

  • Try to keep it short and simple – 3 sentences max
  • Don’t have a fixed endpoint
  • Make sure it motivates and excites you
  • Must not depend on an individual or small group of people.
  • Let it challenge you
  • Try to make it adhere to your ideal self or your vision for yourself
  • Make it in line with your personal code (will talk about in the next post)

Here are some examples of mission statements:

A creative output based mission: 

I will inspire and motivate the world around me by actualizing my creative potential. This creative potential will be shown in the businesses, art, and lifestyle I create. My creative output will allow me to live in complete independence and freedom while expressing myself authentically. In me, others will see an individual who desires to create and shape the world around him to fit his vision and his ideal life. This will move them to actualize their creative potential and create the lifestyle they dream of.

A career based mission: 

My mission is to improve the health and well-being of people all over the world by making positive advances in the area of cancer research. My work will help individuals to lengthen their lives, improve their rate of recovery and improve the quality of their lives. My work will be my legacy and leave a positive impact on the world.

Wealth based mission:

The mission of my life is to create a series of companies in the energy sector. The income from these businesses will provide a life of abundance and happiness.  Through this abundance, I will be able to live in complete independence and freedom. My financial success will provide my family with security and ability to follow the pursuit of happiness.


Once you create the mission statement. Make sure you schedule in time to read it. A preferable time would be first thing in the morning, perhaps as part of your morning routine. This way you can go through the day with an increased motivation and passions towards your life’s purpose.  Let you mission act as a guide when you face lifestyle decisions. Let it act as an anchor to keep you grounded when problems arise. Let it rekindle your fire when motivation dwindles.

Increase your productivity, a Simple Solution! — January 23, 2017

Increase your productivity, a Simple Solution!

My head was spinning, stress levels at an all-time high, and I felt nauseas and sick.  I stood a defeated man at base camp, who was only at the beginning of a long arduous climb to the top, where lay my goals.

My base camp, the beginning of my last year of university. On the mountain peak stood- graduation. However it was not just my body weight that I pulled to the top, there was so much more. My backpack laid burden with the weight of public speaking, volunteering, weightlifting, cardio, meal prepping, reading a book a week, and trying to manage a relationship and friends.

I felt like atlas holding up the weight of the world!

How would I possibly succeed, how would I find time for it all?

Have you ever felt this? Burdened by responsibility, goals, and a desire to achieve more?

After much thought, I found a simple solution to my lack of time.

The solution lay in the much dreaded sacrifice of sleep.

But let me stop you for a second before you completely disregard this post. Have you ever slept for 8-9 hours and still felt tired?

Have you ever woken up feeling totally refreshed after only 5-6 hours?

That’s pretty interesting, right? Why is that?

Well the answer lies in the quality of our sleep, something that most people never research or take into consideration. I am going to outline a few simple ways to improve the quality of your sleep and get you feeling refreshed and energized after only 5-6 hours. This will allow you to have more time during the day to complete the things that you have always wanted to do.


-CREATE THE ENVIROMENT- This one is not to hard, you must create a place that is very conducive to sleeping.

Temperature: 60-65 degrees ferinheight is the ideal range for sleeping; this is because our bodies must lower its temperature by about 2-3 degrees to induce sleeping.  Start by lowering your room’s temperature to this range then adding blankets accordingly.

Lighting: Our environments have evolved past living in caves and fields and sleeping in pitch black darkness. But our bodies have not evolved and the sleep cycle and schedule is thus still prompted by darkness. Therefor we must create a room that is as dark as possible. The darkness helps to promote melatonin in our body and prompts our natural sleep cycle to run its course. We can darken our environments by turning out all the lights, buying blackout curtains, or simply wearing an nighttime eye shade.

Noise- Create a noise free environment so that you don’t have any disruptions.  This can be sometimes tough depending on your environment. You may live with noisy roommates, in a noisy apartment complex, or have a noisy partner.  The best cure for this noise and distraction is to buy a pair of ear plugs that you put on before bed. This will take the pressure from others to respect your silence.


Sleep is a habit believe it or not!

Habits that trigger sleep- A habit is a response to a certain trigger. People that have lived a very regimented life for a certain period of time will develop deep rooted habits, sometimes around sleep. For instance if you took a person who served in the military and they were required to rise at 5am every morning for an extended period of time, it is very typical for these individual’s to continue the pattern even once they are no longer in service.  The reverse is also applicable. If you give a child a curfew say 9pm for an extended period of time,  he/she will eventually develop a habit of feeling sleepy and tired around 9pm, due to the trigger which is 9pm. Thus we can create a response in our body to feel tired at a certain time, and a response to feel awake at a certain time. Therefor create a bed time like you had when you were a kid; as well create a time to wake up. These routines will lead you to having a more restful sleep because your body will know due to triggers when to sleep, and when to rise. It will produce more melatonin at your set bedtime and you will naturally have a deeper more restful sleep.

Habit to help you sleep- As technology becomes more and more prevalent so does the desire to constantly be looking and checking it, right up until you are about to shut your eyes to go to sleep. By looking at a screen which produces unnatural light you begin to tamper with your body’s natural sleep schedule and ability to produce melatonin.  Therefor you must create a habit of limiting unnatural light for an hour before bed. You don’t have to take it to the extreme of walking around your house in the pitch black like its 1855. But do create a habit of shutting off all electronics such as phones, ipods, computers and tv’s and hour before bed and resort to books or other means entertainment. You will notice that your sleep will become deeper and more restful.

The second habit to implement is to ONLY use your bed to sleep. That means no more reading in bed, movies in bed, eating in bed! When you use your bed for only sleep your mind is able to create links and associations to the bed. Thus the bed becomes linked to feeling tired and sleepy, it is a place of rest. The links can become stronger and stronger over time so that the simple act of lying on your bed will induce a certain amount or relaxation and tranquility.

Create a powerful association between sleep and your bed by only using for sleeping!

So build the environment, master the habits and you’ll be amazing at the quality of your sleep.



In the early 1900’s there lived a pharmacist named Émile Coué.

When Émile Coué distributed medicine to sick patients he would sometimes praise the medicine’s effectiveness, and other times say nothing. What’s really interesting, is he noticed that the patients who took the medicine which he praised had a higher rate of recovery. This lead him to develop what he believed to be a technique that was able to cure ailments.

Do you know what auto suggestion is?

Auto suggestion is a technique that states you can change the way you feel by self-induced suggestion. Now Émile Coué stated that his patients could cure their ailments by uttering the phrase “Every day in every way I am getting better and better”

Give it a try, feels pretty good doesn’t it? Now although this has been proven not to cure serious ailments, something fascinating did happen to the people who used it. They started feeling better mentally and emotionally, they were more positive and motivated, and they began looking for ways to improve themselves.

This phrase is what is known as an affirmation.

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The Power Of Thoughts —

The Power Of Thoughts

Change your mind, change your life!

There we sat, my friend and I, or should I say soaked in the hot tub. Our bodies relaxed as the warm water loosened the muscles, leaving us in a state of tranquility. The mind however did not reflect the body but mirrored the opposite as it was submerged in deep thought.

Somehow the relaxing hot tub and company of a philosophy major had led us to talking about the power of our thoughts.

I admitted to him that my recently found confidence and happiness was not primarily a product of the newly acquired skill of public speaking, nor could I attribute it to the other successes I had gained. I explained to him something I wish I knew long ago.

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I sat there exhausted and tired. Bags under my bloodshot eyes, hand clutching a pen with a single piece of paper in front of me. It was the morning of December 30th 3am, I had been sitting at my desk for 4 hours. Despite being tired and exhausted, I was both gripped and fueled by excitement. It was an excitement for the future, coupled with ambition for tomorrow and a drive to accomplish.

It was at 3 am that morning that I finally completed my list of goals and resolutions, which would become a road map for the New Year.

I’m sure many of you already have an idea in your mind, a statement or witty retaliation, to the inevitable question “what is your New Years resolution?”. For myself 2016 was a year of tremendous life change, as many of you bared witness to. One of the factors I attribute to this change was the linking of my resolutions to my goals. By doing this you can create changes that last, achieve your goals, and flourish in daily happiness.


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Morning Routines — December 16, 2016